MEF courses are written and regularly reviewed by mortgage education professionals with specific expertise of the subject matter.  The courses educate through a multi-media mix of audio, video and written content designed to engage the participant and increase retention of the information.

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Terry Bivins
Phone: 630-574-1000 x 103
Toll-Free: 877-574-1000

Terry entered the mortgage industry in 1982. He has worked exclusively with Reverse Mortgage products since December of 2002.

As Executive Vice President for the 1st Reverse Financial Services, Terry is responsible for the creation, growth and the day-to-day management of this region. This reverse mortgage production center, which is located in Westmont, Illinois, became the number one producer for Financial Freedom in a seven state area in July of 2004.

Bivins is Past President of the Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers and the Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers Education Foundation. He has previously served as a Director, First Vice President and Chairman of the Education Foundation.

He holds the Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist (CRMS) designation from the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and an insurance brokers' license since 1977.

Mr. Bivins is a recognized authority on Reverse Mortgages. He is an instructor on the subject, certified by the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and the Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals Education Foundation. He is a regular speaker at Chicago Departments of Housing, Aging and CAPs program.

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Scott Cheffer

Mr. Cheffer, Ombudsman of @ble title insurance agency, inc., is a lifelong Midwesterner. He holds a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and Training Technologies. His experience and expertise in systems analysis, communication design, and technological enhancement brings a cutting-edge perspective to Title Company of America, giving it the necessary tools to compete with, and succeed against, any of its competition. With several years of prior retail management experience, he oversees and directs the title company’s sales and marketing efforts.

Mr. Cheffer organizes, maintains, and updates the title company’s Employee Manual as well as its business and marketing plans. Recognizing that educated clients are as important as educated employees, Scott designs and conducts well-received training seminars for both. These include workshops with modules that explain and analyze the critical aspects of residential title insurance and real property ownership. Scott also is an instructor for the Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers’ Title One course.

As an active member in his church and its former Choirmaster, Mr. Cheffer currently chairs the Board of Directors for Outdoor and Retreat Ministries, managing two retreat properties totaling 200 acres and which offer programs to over 400 congregations in Northern Illinois. Mr. Cheffer also served on the Board of Directors of the James Jordan Boys and Girls Club in Chicago, Illinois.

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Charles Eck

A mortgage and banking professional for more than 30 years, Charles E. Eck (Charlie) is President of Lincoln Mortgage and Funding Corporation, a Westmont, Illinois based firm licensed both in Illinois and Indiana. Charlie's career in mortgage banking has encompassed all aspects of commercial and residential lending. He has held management positions with several prominent lending institutions. With experience spanning both boom and bust periods, his business insight has allowed Lincoln Mortgage to grow and thrive despite changing regulations and economic fluctuations.

The dynamic nature of the industry prompts Charlie's involvement in various professional associations. He has been President of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB), served as its Vice President, continues as a member of the Commercial Real Estate Committee, is a member of the NAMB's Credit Scoring Committee and has served on the Education Committee of both the state and national associations. Charlie has served three terms on the Board of the Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers. A prominent voice in the mortgage industry, he was chosen on five separate occasions to represent that industry on the Residential Mortgage Board for the Division of Banks & Real Estate. Charlie enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. He is a popular panelist/speaker at mortgage industry conferences. He also serves as guest lecturer on Predatory Lending at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

In February, 2003, as a testimony to his expertise and impact on mortgage banking in Illinois, Charlie was recognized as “2002 Mortgage Broker of the Year by the Board of Directors of the IAMB. This most coveted award is presented annually by the Board of Directors of the Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers in recognition of excellence in leadership, innovation and business acumen. Charlie is also on the Board of Directors of a commercial bank in Chicago.

Charlie's educational background includes a Master of Science degree in Accounting as well as a CMC designation (Certified Mortgage Consultant), the highest professional certification awarded by the NAMB. He also an avid duffer and doting grandfather.

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Paul Grabstanowicz
Phone: 630-567-3263

Mr. Grabstanowicz has enjoyed a long career in the finance and mortgage industry, working for such companies as ITT Consumer Finance, Associate Finance and is the former President of Grant Square Financial Services. Mr. Grabstanowicz is the current CEO of Elite National Training and Compliance. He is also the Chairman of the Christian Financial Literacy Organization and President of New ERA Home Development both nonprofit organizations working in the inner city of Chicago.

Mr. Grabstanowicz has authored many courses in the mortgage industry for many state associations and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB), including the Sub prime and Advanced Sub prime courses. Mr. Grabstanowicz served as a member of the Board of Directors of the IAMB for three years and served as President of the IAMB Education Foundation for 5 years, as well as the National Education Committee for 5 years.

As a continuing participant in education, Mr. Grabstanowicz received the NAMB distinguished C.R.M.S. (Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist) designation in Oct. 1995. Mr. Grabstanowicz has been a Master NAMB certified instructor for many years. Mr. Grabstanowicz received the NAMB Presidents Award for education, was awarded the Illinois award of excellence for education and was the only three time recipient of the Educator of the year by the Missouri Association of Mortgage Brokers. Mr. Grabstanowicz has served on the Faculty committee and Curriculum committee for NAMB for over 10 years.

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David Hail

David Hail is a Vice President, National Training for Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation.

David's primary responsibility is Mortgage Professional/Loan Officer development and training. He is a recognized expert and trainer on both FHA and USDA Rural Housing loan programs and is an FHA Direct Endorsement (DE) and Rural Development underwriter. His FHA and Rural Development classes is or has been approved for Continuing Education credit in a number of States however his classes are taught all over the United States.

David has more than 26 years experience in the mortgage lending, real estate, and home building industries. He has also authored procedure and training manuals for both FHA and Rural Development financing programs as well as loan origination and processing guides. His career in mortgage lending started in 1982 with Investors Residential Mortgage in Midland, Texas and spans over 26 years in mortgage lending, real estate and home building. David holds a B.S. in finance from Ball State University.

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Terry Meland, CRMS,CMC

Terry Meland, CMC, CRMS has extensive experience in residential lending includes accomplishments as a real estate broker, an award-winning mortgage loan originator, and top-level executive positions. His widely acknowledged expertise in direct consumer and business-to-business Internet applications brought his past employers to the cutting-edge of technology in mortgage financing.

Terry is deeply involved in education programs for professionals. This commitment to education has earned him a Faculty Fellowship in the Mortgage Bankers Association's School of Mortgage Banking and is an National instructor with both the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and the Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals.

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Michael Russell

Michael has been an instructor for IAMP for over 7 years with over 30 years experience in finance, banking and mortgages. He is also an instructor and author for AllRegs.

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Pat Vlasis, CRMS

Pat Vlasis is a mortgage broker owner since the inception of licensing in 1987. Her company, American Way Financial, is located in Oak Lawn, IL.

Pat has been active in the IAMP and the IAMP Educational Foundation. She is a National Senior Instructor for both NAMP and the IAMP. With the many changes in our industry over the years, Pat encourages everyone to remain active in our Broker Organization and the IAMP.

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